Security Issues

A book “The Theory and Practice of International Peace Operations” (in Japanese), co-authored/co-edited with Mika Inoue, Chigumi Kawaguchi and Shinichi Yamamoto.

This book applies four different research approaches (law, political science, international organization, policy studies) , in order to communicate all the characteristics of international peace operations.The case of South Sudan is used to analyze the inter-actor cooperation within the UN, Japan,and the UK,as well as the international support framework involving legal system.

English summary is available at:

The book is reviewed in a Japanese journal.

A project “International Peace Operations and Japan” conducted in FY2018.

The project discussed new demands in modern peace operations by understanding the evolving security environment and the experiences of countries in dispatching missions under challenging conditions. Two workshops and one seminar were conducted by inviting scholars and practitioners in the field.

The highlight was the elaboration of lessons to be learned from the Dutch experience with respect to peacekeeping contributions taken by Japan.

More details are available at:

A book “Comprehensive Approach for International Peace Activities-Development of Japanese Collaborative System” (in Japanese) in 2012.

The book is reviewed in two journals “Kokusaianzenhosho” and “Kokurenkenkyu“.

A project “Effectiveness of UNPKO: A View of Gender Diversity on the Supply Side” with Kentaro Sakuwa.

We have been working on a first analysis and the tentative result was delivered in several occasions, including the Waseda ORIS symposium in January 2020.